Tobias Plebuch
Musicologist (Berlin)








Private lessons

  • Piano
  • Violoncello
  • Kindermusik

Humboldt University, Berlin


  • Keyboard music of the 17th and 18th centuries (undergraduate and graduate seminar)
  • Music journals of the 18. century (undergraduate seminar)
  • 18. century music publishing (undergraduate seminar)
  • Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach - A European perspective (graduate seminar)
  • The history of performance practice (graduate seminar)
  • Beethoven's piano sonatas (undergraduate seminar)
  • Anton Bruckner (undergraduate and graduate seminar)
  • Brahms' chamber music (graduate seminar)
  • What is 'romantic'? A music history of the very long 19th century (lecture)
  • Musical modernism and western esotericism (with Judith Crispin, Humboldt fellow)
  • music theater after 1945 (undergraduate seminar)
  • Nancarrow-Studies (with Dr. Hermann Gottschewski, 1994-95, undergraduate seminar)
  • The string quartet from Haydn to Kurtag (graduate seminar)
  • Musical topics from Monteverdi to Schnittke (introduction to musicology, undergraduate seminar)
  • Dissonances: musical controversies from Artusi to Taruskin (lecture series)
  • Film Music

  • Bach in films (undergraduate- and graduate seminar)
  • Film music: from the beginnings to the introduction of sound film (undergraduate seminar)
  • Musician films from the 1920s to the 1950s (graduate seminar)
  • Out of the Past: Musical modernism and film noir (undergraduate seminar, with Janina Mueller)
  • Film music and World War I (undergraduate seminar)
  • Theory and Methodology

  • Energetic music theory and -aesthetics (graduate seminar)
  • Beginnings or endings - what does feminist musicology achieve? (with Dr. Annegret Fauser, undergraduate seminar)
  • 12 etudes for beginners in musicology (undergraduate seminar)



Technical University, Dresden

  • Music aesthetics (1997, undergraduate seminar/lecture)
  • Analysis (1997, undergraduate seminar/lecture)



Albert Ludwig University, Freiburg

  • C.P.E. Bach's keyboard fantasias (1993, undergraduate seminar)
  • E.T.A. Hoffmann and music (1993-94, undergraduate seminar)
  • Music of the reformation period (1994, undergraduate seminar)


Stanford University, USA


  • Music history 1600-1830 (undergraduate seminar)
  • Keyboard Fantasias of the 17th and 18th Centuries (undergraduate seminar)
  • Keyboard Music of the 17th and 18th Centuries (undergraduate seminar)
  • Readings in 18th Century Music Aesthetics and Performance Practice (graduate seminar)
  • Patronage and Commercialization: Toward a Social History of the Baroque and Early Classical Eras (undergraduate seminar)
  • Music in Baroque cultures (undergraduate seminar)
  • The Music of J.S.Bach and Handel (undergraduate seminar)
  • Figaro, Wilhelm Meister and the Enlightenment Project (graduate seminar)
  • The Classical Symphony: History, Form, Style (undergraduate seminar)
  • Was Mozart a Good Composer? (undergraduate seminar)
  • Wagner's Ring Cycle: Das Rheingold (continuing studies)
  • From Adorno to Zappa: A Kaleidoscope of 20th-Century Music (undergraduate seminar)
  • The History of Music Printing and Publishing (graduate seminar)
  • History of Performance Practices (graduate seminar)
  • Film

  • Film Music (undergraduate seminar)
  • Classical Music in Films (graduate seminar)
  • Theory and Aesthetics

  • Introduction to Music Theory (undergraduate seminar)
  • Elements of Music Theory I (undergraduate seminar)
  • 18th Century Counterpoint, Analysis (undergraduate seminar)
  • Harmonic Materials of 19th Century Music (undergraduate seminar)
  • History of Music Theory I: Antiquity through 18th century (graduate seminar)
  • History of Music Theory II: 19th and 20th centuries (graduate seminar, with Stephen Hinton)
  • Kant's Critique of Judgement (reading)
  • Things of Beauty (with Johannes Ulrich Gumbrecht, Introduction to the Humanities)
  • German for Musicologists (reading and translating)